MDRA Indemnity Form – Driver’s Assisting Crew

Malta Drag Racing Association Indemnity Form

Driver’s Assisting Crew Personal Declaration

All persons applying for participation in Malta Drag Racing Association (here in after referred to as the “MDRA”) event agree that by applying they wish to assist the driver and be part of the driver’s crew, and/or otherwise participate in an event organized by the MDRA. They understand that MOTORSPORT IS HAZARDOUS, and both drivers and their assisting crew are voluntarily exposing themselves to risk of damage or loss or personal injury by participating in any such event.

  1. I declare that I am knowledgeable with and agree to the Regulations of the MDRA. In consideration of the acceptance of this entry or of my being permitted to take part in this event, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the MDRA and any such person or persons or body as may be authorized by the MDRA to promote or organize this event and their respective officials, servant, representatives and agents from and against all action, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death or injury to myself, howsoever caused, arising out of or in connection with this entry or my taking part in this event and not withstanding that the same may have contributed to or occasioned by negligence of the said bodies, their officials, servants, representatives or agents.
  2. Furthermore in respect of any parts of this event on ground where third party insurance is not required by law this agreement shall in addition to the parties named above extend to all and any other competitor(s) and their servants and agents and to all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of loss or damage to the person or property of myself, my driver, my entrants or mechanic(s). THIS APPLIES FROM THE START LINE TO FINISH LINE ANDEXTENDS TO THE BRAKING AREA (INCLUDING SAND TRAP) UNTIL THE CARS LEAVES THE TRACK.
  3. I am fit and healthy and my eyesight (with lenses if to be worn) is adequate for track use.

  4. I hold a current full MDRA membership and I am over 16 years of age, entitling me to participate and/or assist in motorsport events held at the Hal Far Raceway (hereinafter referred to as “the track”).

  5. 5.I will not participate in a track event whilst under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs, and agree to allow the MDRA Alcohol Control Officer to examine me prior, during or after and event.

  6. I declare that should I, at the time of the event, be suffering from any disability, whether permanent or temporary, which is likely to affect prejudicially my normal control of my vehicle, I may not take part unless I have declared such disability to the MDRA who have, following such declaration, issued a special pass which permits me to assist my driver acknowledging me as part of my driver’s assisting crew.

  7. I declare that I personally possess the standard competence necessary for an event of this type. I agree and undertake to obey any instructions that I may be given by any of the MDRA Marshals and/or Administration.

  8. I am fully conversant with the risks associated with motorsport in general. I understand that all forms of motorsport are dangerous, and can lead to injury or death as a result of my participation and I accept these risks completely.

  9. I have read and agree with the above declaration and indemnity, and agree that its terms will also apply to my participation in any future track event organized by MDRA unless I sign a subsequent declaration and indemnity, which will then take precedence.

  10. All the drivers assisting crew members participating in an MDRA event are required to sign this standard indemnity form before the event begins. The MDRA does not have any control over the level of competence of all participants in any event. The MDRA is not a training organization. Participants are responsible for the way in which they use the Hal Far Raceway including the pit/paddock area. The MDRA may refuse access to any participant and/ore the vehicle they participate with. This indemnity shall be binding on the participant’s heirs, executors and legal representatives.